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It was my great honour to have worked with Chief Mama Edwards for many years at the Family Advice and Community Resource Centre. I have just been made aware of her passing and am heartbroken to hear the sad news. Please accept my deepest sympathy and pass it everyone in her family and amongst her friends. Elouise was one of the greatest and most inspirational human beings it has ever my pleasure to have known. I learned so much from her and from all those around her. She enriched my life greatly and her memory will continue to do so for as long as I breathe.

– Neil Anderson

You were a beacon that unapologetically cut deeply into the darkness of our souls and became a rallying cry that woke us from our enforced slumber: from the humiliation of enslavement, the tyranny of colonialism, and the continuing mental slavery that still exists today. Your light continues to shine in the hearts of many. RIEP

– Linford Sweeney

Thank you Mama for being the wonderful woman that you are a shining light and a creator of pathways you trailblazer for me and others to pass through easy. I adore you to the 7 heavens and grateful for knowing your essence here at this time. More power health and humour where your spirit resides now in eternal being. Welcome home from home. 

– Natalie Teniola

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